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Posted on:April 20, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Services We Use

If you’ve been following our blog, you know our last series was on Tools We Use to Run our Business. That series highlighted the tools we use to streamline our both our business and creation processes. They help us collaborate and do tasks we don’t have the time or skill to perform. Our new series, Services We Use, will showcase the many services we use to serve our customers. From hosting to SMTP (what in the world is SMTP), these services are the backbone of our business and our clients’ businesses.

Below is the list of services. Some are free while others are premium. What I love about our business is that we are able to offer all of these services included with our web hosting at a significantly lower cost than any of our clients purchases these services separate.

Just like our Tools We Use service, we will spend the next few weeks diving into the details of each service and the value it provides to our clients. We’ll also include any discount or affiliate links so that you can give them a try. As always, reach out to us with any questions or comments.

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