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Posted on:April 27, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks Blog - Services We Use - Hosting

To kick off our Services We Use series, we are going to highlight the hosting providers we use internally as well as for clients. For those wondering what hosting is, check out our hosting post. We currently leverage three providers – A2 Hosting, VPS Dime, and Digital Ocean which fall into the reseller and VPS hosting categories.

A2 Hosting

At the time of this writing, The Urban Geeks currently have a Reseller account with A2 Hosting. Utilizing a reseller account with A2 Hosting allows us to provide our customers with great resources at a reduced cost to them. This setup also makes managing their hosting accounts easier since our team has access to everything with the hosting.

Overall, we have be very satisfied with their service. The uptime and resource availability are great. Customer support is also better than most other providers we have used in the past. One thing I really love about A2 Hosting is that they seem to be ahead of other hosting providers when it comes to integrating new services and solutions. They were one of the first hosting providers I know of that integrated with Let’s Encrypt to provide free basic SSL certificates to all of its customers.

VPS Dime

As the name says, VPS Dime is a Virtual Private Server provider. We leverage them by using their servers for many of our development websites. Compared to our other VPS provider, DigitalOcean, VPS Dime is cheaper. The reduced cost comes in by not offering more advanced features which is why we’ve limited our use to development sites on VPS Dime. We haven’t experienced many issues with VPS Dime so we may consider them later for more production websites.


DigitalOcean is another VPS provider that we utilize for our production websites. Our internal websites and clients that have upgraded are all on DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is a bit more expensive than VPS Dime but offers more features that I won’t bore you with in this blog post. Basically, we’ve made the decision to use DigitalOcean for production websites to make sure we are future proof when we need to take advantage of their additional features. These features could be done on VPS Dime; however, the work would not be automated but manual. DigitalOcean really has invested in making advanced hosting and website features simple and easy.

Our hosting providers are the backbone of our business. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to host or build our clients’ websites. Check out the links below to learn more about each company and signup. As always, contact us if you have any questions or needs around web hosting.

A2 Hosting | VPS Dime | DigitalOcean | Services We Use Series

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