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Posted on:May 4, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Services We Use - WPMU DEV

Today’s service is one I accidentally discovered through working with a new client a few years back. Even though it was an accidental discovery, WPMU DEV has been one of the best services I’ve used. The Urban Geeks have been paying members since November 2016! Ever since we made the decision to be a WordPress first agency, WPMU Dev has been indispensable in our team managing and optimizing numerous WordPress installations for our clients.

The Hub

The first thing that stood out to me with WPMU DEV was this dashboard, they refer to as the Hub. It helped me get a view of the status of all of my WordPress installations and their status regarding WordPress core updates, theme updates, plugin updates, security status, and much more. From this dashboard, I could also run all of the updates remotely for multiple websites at one time. Talking about saving time. We knew we were locked in after the first few weeks!


The next big benefit of WPMU DEV is their extensive offering of premium plugins. These plugins cover security, optimization, branding, and so much more. Below is a list of the plugins I install on every site.

  • Defender – website security
  • Hummingbird – website speed optimization
  • Smush – image compression and optimization
  • Branda – multipurpose tweaks and utilities
  • SmartCrawl – SEO and sitemap generation
  • Forminator – advanced web forms
  • Shipper – website migration
  • Snapshot – website backups


WPMU DEV recently launched the hosted WordPress solution. We haven’t tried out this offering just yet. It will definitely be something we consider the next time we are evaluating our hosting companies.

WPMU DEV is and continues to be a service that serves our team and our clients well. At $49/month, it could be expensive for our individual clients to add this great service to their website. Thankfully, we’re able to take care of our clients within the Urban Geeks account. We then pass the savings onto our clients by packaging the cost into our hosting packages. Check out the links below to get more information and join the WPMU DEV family.

WPMU DEV Main Page | Full List of Plug-insServices We Use Series

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