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Posted on:May 11, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Services We Use - DropMySite

Experience can be a great teacher. One such experience that has taught me a lot has been to always have backups of anything technical. Today’s service, DropMySite, is the provider we use to ensure our client websites are backed up on a regular basis. A website backup/restore strategy is something every business should have in place to ensure business continuity when website issues arise.


With The Urban Geeks utilizing WordPress for most of our clients, it’s important to backup both website files and the database. Website files include html, css, JavaScript, and images. The database for WordPress is where configuration and other content specific to the website is stored. DropMySite allows us to setup scheduled backups of both website files and the database. With both backups, we can safely restore a website to a past state if any issues come up during upgrades or other situations like a possible hacking.

Restore Capabilities

Any great backup solution will also provide a great restore tool. With any of the backups, DropMySite provides the capability to restore individual files or entire websites with just one click. One-click restoration also works with database backups. With so many WordPress sites, I’ve had to use the restoration tool a few times due to some bad plugin updates. The ease of the restoration tool gives our team peace of mind when anything happens to our clients’ websites.

Uptime Monitor

DropMySite also provides an uptime monitor feature. Actively monitoring websites is key to minimizing business impact when issues arise. Even the biggest companies run into outages where impact to customers is real money and opportunities lost. DropMySite pings our sites on a regular basis and alerts us when the sites are down. Once we get an alert, The Urban Geeks jump into action to resolve the issue!

Adding a service like DropMySite for backups was a step The Urban Geeks needed to take to move from doing websites as hobbyists but creating websites as professionals. We just don’t build websites; we partner with our clients to ensure that their website (an important business asset) is up and properly backed up in case of any issues. Check out the DropMySite link below to get more information on the service. As always, The Urban Geeks are here to serve you with your website and backup needs.

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