The Outline.


We’re small business owners. We get it. There are many moving parts to get things up and running in business. We understand your business is a complete reflection of who you are and you expect quality work with extraordinary results.

The Urban Geeks is a creative consulting agency designed to provide start-up companies, small to mid- sized businesses, & individual brands with all of the digital marketing resources that reflects the very core of their businesses. Think of us as your business partner. We’re focused on developing those crazy ideas into action. We focus on the big picture, as well as the smallest details to help set you apart from the rest. If you’re not standing out, you’re blending in!

Whether you’re looking for professional photography services, a campaign for promotions, or a website with all the trimmings, our goal is developing the organic ideas that drive the very core of your business into the blueprint needed to produce stellar results.


We have been blessed to work with some great clients and look forward to building upon our past success as well as helping new clients gain the exposure they desire for their businesses and brands.

Joe Guster, Owner - The Urban Geeks LLC

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