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Posted on:May 18, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks Blog - Services We Use - SMTP2GO

Email is something that we typically take for granted and just expect to work; however, when it comes to getting business emails to an inbox, there’s a lot going on in the backend to get that message delivered successfully. When running a business, you also do not want your server or email accounts to get hacked and send spam from bots. To help with the delivery and security of email, The Urban Geeks leverage SMTP2GO for internal and client projects. Their service is reliable and provides the right amount of security and tracking at a great price.

Reliable Routing

Without diving into the technical details, SMTP2GO simply provides the routes for us to ensure emails are delivered from our client websites to the intended receiver. They ensure their routes are up and running and free of any issues which helps us deliver emails from contact forms and other website activities on a daily basis. If you need to fall asleep, check out the Wiki for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).


On top of ensuring a reliable “route,” SMTP2GO provides authentication capabilities. These capabilities allow The Urban Geeks to ensure each website only sends emails that it actually wants to send. Using a username and password behind the scenes, each email request is authenticated. Non-authenticated email requests get dumped! For our business, we create separate users for each client website to keep everyone segregated. This process allows us to “turn off” emails for one client that may be suffering issues without affected our other clients.


SMTP2GO also allows our team to track emails and their delivery. We do not get to see email contents but simply just the To email address and subject and whether or not the email was delivered. This feature has come in handy when troubleshooting whether businesses or customers have successfully received emails. We also have the option to track opens; however, we have not turned on this option for any of our clients. They also track bounces and spam emails to ensure websites do not get blacklisted.

Reliable email delivery is something most people will forget to secure. With SMTP2GO, The Urban Geeks continue to position ourselves as not only a great web design company but also an IT partner that will help keep backend processes running smoothly for our clients. As always, if you have any questions or need help, definitely reach out to us to take a look at setting up reliable email delivery for your business.

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