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Posted on:April 13, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Tools We Use - Milanote

I’ve always loved using note apps like Evernote to hold personal/business notes and web clippings. Tools like Evernote work great for text notes; however, they may not meet the needs of creatives like The Urban Geeks. We were recently introduced to Milanote which meets our needs much better than the typical notes app. From its design, organization, templates, and collaboration abilities, it’s very evident that Milanote was created by creatives for creatives.

Boards and Templates

Everything within Milanote starts with a board. Boards hold text notes, links, to-dos, images, and other items. When creating the boards, Milanote provides some great templates to get started. For instance, The Urban Geeks board within my account started from agency template. It provides some sample columns and cards that cover things like company mission statement, clients (in the form of boards), operations, and guides. This starting point helped jumpstart the experience of getting the board setup to represent our company.

Organization – Depth through boards

As mentioned above in the template section, our The Urban Geeks board contains boards that represent our clients. This ability gives Milanote hierarchy capabilities which is great for organization. For my own personal website that I’m mapping in Milanote, I’m using boards within the main board to hold my thoughts around specific topics I plan to cover on the website. This ability also means I can share certain sections of a high level board with collaborators while keeping some areas private to just me. I feel Milanote gives me ultimate flexibility for organizing my thoughts while making it super easy to accomplish.

Device Availability

Milanote works great in a browser; however, if you’re like me, I like to use native apps on my devices. Thankfully Milanote is available on the devices I use (Mac and iPhone). They also provide an Android app as well. The only missing app for me is an iPad optimized version which is on their roadmap. I can’t wait to try Milanote on my iPad Pro 12.9.” Milanote also offers a web clipper for Safari and Chrome which gives you the ability to clip websites and images into Milanote while browsing the web.

To be completely transparent, Milanote provided us with professional access for our team to complete this review. Honestly, I’m glad they found this series and gave us the opportunity to try out their great product. I personally would never endorse something that I do not use myself. Milanote has quickly become a must have for our creative process. From the time I created my first board, Milanote’s design and features fed my creative process and made it very easy to get everything out of my head. For all of those creatives out there, I highly suggest you give Milanote a try!

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