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Posted on:April 6, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Tools We Use - Eversign

Continuing with our tools we use series, I’d like to highlight Docracy and Eversign. These tools help our team get contracts signed quickly by doing everything electronically. Especially during this time of Coronavirus and stay at home orders, it may be difficult to meet clients in person for signatures. Using software like Docracy and Eversign solves that issue and gives you a legally binding contract done over the web.

You may ask, why do we have two software tools for this process. Well, we started using Docracy quite a few years back as it allowed me to save templates for our different services and payment plans. Docracy also gave my clients the ability to not only sign but complete any other information I needed to gather. Unfortunately, Docracy was gearing to shutdown a while back. Thankfully, Eversign stepped in and is now providing the signing capabilities for Docracy (read more at

Docracy’s integration with Eversign allowed our team to keep our initial flow for creating templates and customizing the documents for signature while netting us a better signature experience. All in all, the integration has served our needs for the last few months, and we’re very happy. The biggest feature we love is similar to Xero’s invoice notifications. Eversign will automatically remind clients about pending documents that need their signature. For a small business, that automation itself is a huge time savings.

If you are just now considering an eSign solution, I’d give Eversign a try (without Docracy). Like most software vendors, the have a freemium model where you can send a limited number of contracts a month. You also lose some of the full capabilities. As of right now, we don’t send out enough contracts to upgrade our plan with Eversign; however, I do know they will be able to meet our needs when the time does come.

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