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Posted on:July 6, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks Blog - Service We Use - Printful

Today’s service highlight is Printful. If you read our post on Dropshipping, you’ve already heard of them. They’re out go-to dropshipping company for setting up e-commerce stores. We not only use them for our clients but also for our own company apparel. We love their service so much that we wanted to provide some additional details specific to Printful.

Ease of Use


What honestly sold me on Printful was their ease of use. They were honestly one of the first places (at least we know of) that innovated in connecting their platform to other platforms like WooCommerce for WordPress. This integration is key in operating an online store that uses dropshipping. Making it easy to connect to other platforms as well as creating manual orders, Printful definitely leads the way when it comes to placing orders and having them fulfilled through their platform.

Product Creation Interface

Not only did they lead with integrations, they lead the way when it comes to creating the products in the store. Their easy drag and drop interface makes it super easy to view your designs on their products before placing orders. One key feature of their interface is the low-quality image alerts. Because end products will only be as good as the images used for the design, these alerts ensure that end users like me are only using the highest resolution images when creating designs.


The final item that I’ll discuss is mockups. Once a design is finalized, Printful provides a multitude of mockup options. The options include different people (multiple ethnicities), environments, and looks. They also provide mockups output in both jpeg or png which is great depending upon where the mockups is being used. We typically will use the smaller file sized jpeg on the web. The png files may be used for other marketing activities.

Merchandise Options

Another big feature that Printful knocks out of the park is the merchandise options. From t-shirts to hats to polos to bags to phone cases, they offer just about everything an online e-commerce store needs to be included in their store. For companies like The Urban Geeks, having all these options for marketing materials is great as we begin to showcase our business on polos and even computer cases. Not only are there plenty of merchandising options, there are also lots of product brands to choose from in most categories like t-shirts. Having these options allows for us to find the right balance of cost and style for products our clients plan to sell.

Printing Methods

I won’t spend too much time on the nuances of the different printing methods. Just know that Printful offers all of the modern printing options like DTG (direct to garment) and sublimation as well as the tried and true screen printing. For items like t-shirts, it’s best to understand the project so that you can select the most cost-effective printing method to ensure you maximize profits.

Customer Service

Finally, their customer service has been top notch. With dropshipping, you have to trust the company to not only deliver a great product but also handle any issues promptly.

To close this post out, I‘m definitely grateful for Printful and their service. They actually offer other services we didn’t discuss that we may look into using in the future. Once again, we’ve found a company that we feel we can comfortably grow with. From their technology to their customer service, Printful is leading the pack in dropshipping and merchandising.

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