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Posted on:February 24, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Tools We Use - G Suite

The next tool I’m going to discuss could easily be listed as the most important. G Suite by Google provides a suite of tools that are the foundation for both our internal and external communication and collaboration.


Custom email addresses give our business a more professional look. Instead of using, we use Having a separate email address also separates my personal email from my business email.


Just like Asana for tasks, Calendar keeps our meetings in order. Syncing to all of our devices, we know and are reminded about of all our meetings. Using other G Suite tools, we are also able to leverage conference lines and screen sharing capabilities to ensure we have efficient and productive meetings.


Cloud storage is the backbone of our business. We store internal docs as well as client docs on Drive. Drive automatically syncs up on all devices for all team members. Since most our clients are familiar with Drive, we also sync up with them by sharing folders for content.


These tools are cloud replacements for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Our team uses these programs for simple and collaborative docs in the cloud.

G Suite offers numerous other great tools that are included for the price of $6/month/user or $60/year/user. I truly believe that G Suite should be one of your first investments with a new business. It will help you communicate and collaborate effectively with your team and clients.

On another note, The Urban Geeks are official G Suite Resellers. That means that we can sell licenses to G Suite. You may be wandering why would you go with us instead of directly with Google. That’s easy! Reason 1 is that we are able to manage your account for you without seeing any of your data like emails. Whenever you need a new user created or a password reset, you can send us an email and we will take care of it for you. The second benefit of using The Urban Geeks as your G Suite Reseller is simplified billing. We will bill you instead of Google. If you are already an Urban Geek client, you will receive one bill that contains G Suite as one of the line items. Use our contact form to inquire about our G Suite services.

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