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Posted on:March 9, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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Today’s tool is probably the most simple app; however, that doesn’t take away from its value. Calendly provides scheduling software that streamlines our ability to schedule external meetings without the back and forth via email. We easily save hours when scheduling our initial consultations with prospective clients.

How It Works

The first thing to do with Calendly is to sync it with your Google or Microsoft calendar account. Syncing with your calendar account allows Calendly to use your already scheduled meetings to change your availability. Also, meetings scheduled via Calendly are automatically added to your calendar.

Once signed into Calendly, you then are presenting with options to create your event types. Event types are basically the different ways you want people to schedule time with you. Different event types can have different durations, different availability, and many other options. Event types also allow you to overlay additional availability on top of the meetings already scheduled on your calendar.

Sharing Your Link

Ultimately, after all the configuration is done, you can share your Calendly scheduling links via email, social media, your website, and just about any method you can think of! Our current use case is to send our scheduling link via email to schedule our initial consultation with prospective clients.

For this post, I know I haven’t gone into deep detail about setting up Calendly. That’s because Calendly has a great support team as well as great documentation. We truly recommend you add Calendly to your workflow if you need to schedule lots of meetings. It will save you and your clients numerous hours. Like most of the tools we use and recommend, Calendly has a free option that can get you started. There are premium options that provide additional capabilities once your business needs them. We are truly thankful for such a great product and how it streamlines our scheduling needs.

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