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Posted on:January 27, 2020

Author:Joe Guster

Category:Business, Websites

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The Urban Geeks - Blog - Website Expenses

As I was talking to a prospective client, I told him that I would get him a comprehensive list of items to which he would need to pay on both a recurring and one-time basis. I thought it’d be great to also share that information as a blog post! Below you will find a list of website expenses for the typical website. As always, your needs may be different so you may or may not need every item on this list.

Domain (Yearly)

The domain is the name to which people will type into their website browser access your website. For example, I pay $12 to Google every year to own the domain

Web Hosting (Monthly or Yearly)

Web hosting refers to the server where the files for your website will be hosted. Check out our earlier post on Web Hosting for more information on your options.

Custom Email Address (Monthly or Yearly)

Along the lines of the domain, we choose to have custom business email addresses like * There are quite a few options for email service. We once again use Google and are actually a reseller. Be sure to contact us if you have email service needs.

Web Design (One-Time)

If you’re not creating your website on your own, you will be paying a wonderful designer like us to complete your website.

Website Maintenance (Ad Hoc or Monthly)

You may need to make changes or add new features to your existing website. If you’re unable to do these changes yourself, you will most likely have to pay your web designer to make these updates.

Email Marketing/CRM (Monthly or Yearly)

It’s great to have an amazing website, but you’ll need a way to get the word out as well as contact your customers. Once again, numerous options exist. The Urban Geeks currently use MailChimp.

The list above is a basic starting point for researching the services and costs for your website. Working with an agency like The Urban Geeks can be a plus because we typically already have relationships with certain providers and may be able to provide those services at a reduced cost. We also have the expertise to help you get the most out of these services. Stay tuned for our first blog series on services we use to run our business.

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