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Posted on:March 23, 2020

Author:Joe Guster


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The Urban Geeks - Tools We Use - Dashlane

Security on the web should be something everyone takes seriously for both their business and personal lives. One key security aspect is password management. Most of us have at one time used the same password for multiple websites which is a big no no when it comes to security. On the flip side, who has the time and brain power to remember a different and complex password for every website login. Don’t worry, password manager are here to save the day. The Urban Geeks use Dashlane to securely manage our business login credentials as well as any sensitive client data that has been shared with us.

The Problem

As mentioned in the introduction, using the same password for different websites is a big no no. This practice is bad due to the fact you open up yourself to more damage if one site is hacked. For example, website 1 is hacked and your password is leaked. The bad guys will then take that list of usernames and passwords and run those credentials against other websites. If you use the same password for website 1 and website 2, the hacker will get access to your account on website 2 without the need to hack website 2.

I hope the problem above is clear. Using different passwords on different website is a must. Not only should you use different passwords, your passwords should be complex. Using simple passwords like “password” or “0000” can get you in trouble as well.

The Solution

Dashlane and other password managers solve the two above problems by providing a secure vault to save different and complex passwords. As a user, you’re only required to remember one complex password to unlock your vault. You set up your vault and then store your website passwords and other sensitive data. Whenever you need to sign into a website, you simply unlock your vault with the one very complex password you remembered.

I know you might be thinking that’s a lot to do to just get to your passwords. First off, it’s worth the effort to be secure. Thankfully, Dashlane makes it easy to sign in to your websites by providing browser plugins and mobile apps that will automatically fill in login credentials for you after authenticating with your master password.

Browser Plugin

Dashlane provides plugins for all of the major browsers – Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The browser plugin will also work on just about any browser that is based on the open source Chromium like Opera and Vivaldi. The browser plugin does two main things:

  1. Automatically sign you into websites you’ve already saved to the vault
  2. Create/Save unique and complex new passwords for websites you’re registering

With the browser plugin installed, the workflow for creating and using both unique and complex passwords for every website becomes almost frictionless.

Mobile Apps

Dashlane offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android to allow you to login to both websites and other apps. Additionally, these apps allow to use biometrics like fingerprint and facial recognition to access the vault.

I hope this post has been very informative on password security and Dashlane, the tool we use to manage passwords. One additional feature of Dashlane is the ability to share passwords with other team members without using email or Slack. Overall, password security is something that needs to be on top of your list for securing your business. We currently pay a yearly subscription fee to use Dashlane Business. It is worth every dollar! Use the link below to check out this great tool!

Try Out Dashlane | Tools We Use Series

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