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Posted on:December 23, 2019

Author:Joe Guster

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The Urban Geeks Blog - WordPress - A Proven Platform

In this post, I’m going to provide some insight into how we landed on using WordPress for the majority of our clients. Most people associate WordPress with setting up blogs. In fact, that’s exactly how I was introduced to WordPress back in the mid 2000’s. My first blog was built using WordPress. Since then, WordPress has matured in to a full CMS (Content Management System) capable of creating and maintaining full websites including but no limited to e-commerce and membership sites.

WordPress Adoption

First , let’s start off with some stats on WordPress’ usage. WordPress powers 35% of the Web (Digital.com – https://digital.com/blog/wordpress-stats/). When you think about that statistic, it’s pretty amazing that one platform powers over a third of the websites out there in the world. Whether it’s small business or major corporations WordPress is a proven and stable CMS that can meet all sorts of use cases. That also means, there exists a wide range of support options to help keep a WordPress site up and running. On the flip side, WordPress does become a target for hackers; however, there are many companies and solutions out there that can assist with stopping hackers.


Below are some of the benefits that WordPress provides to The Urban Geeks and our clients:

  • Easy page management using templates – Managing multiple pages can get out of hand very quickly. WordPress’ template based CMS makes it easy to create new pages. It also allows The Urban Geeks to not limit clients on the number of pages that can be created for their website.
  • Quicker development cycle – With the use of templates for the look and feel of the website, we are able to concentrate on optimizing the content for every page and can complete websites a lot quicker. Plugins also make extending additional features like e-commerce simple and quick.
  • Ability for clients to make updates – For most our clients, they will leverage us to make updates to their websites; however, a select few decide to manage small updates on their own. WordPress enables to give them access to make updates without the need to know how to code.

Those are only 3 of the biggest benefits. There are many more that we plan to share in later blog posts. Overall, WordPress has definitely outgrown its reputation as a blog first platform. Our team is able to leverage its strengths and add our customizations as needed to provide our clients great websites.

What are some things you’d like to know more about WordPress? Leave us a comment or email us your question.

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